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The Expat Journey is a Hero's Journey

Expat Hero is founded by Nanna Hauch with a mission to empower and increase the well-being of Globally Mobile Families and individuals enabling expats living the lives they dream of.

At Expat Hero we are dedicated to enhancing well-being among expats, transforming the international journey in to a personal development quest. We want to help you make your expat journey, your Hero's Journey.

By increasing awareness and insights on intercultural dynamics and the impact of culture shock on mental health Expat Hero aim at supporting individuals, couples, families and organizations create psychologically safe relationships and cultures.

Are your expats off to the best start?

Are you an international company concerned with the well being of your expats and their accompanying families?


Family well-being is the key to success!

For successful expatriation, family well-being is of vital importance for the assigned employee, directly affecting productivity and job satisfaction. The demand for employee and family mobility has increased significantly, and we  specialize in assisting expat families to deal with the emotional challenges in the wake of expatriation.

We are a team of experienced counselors and coaches within the fields of psychology, family counseling, psychotherapy and coaching.

We offer:

  • Preparation

  • On-going coaching & counseling

  • Acute counseling

  • Tailormade packages for the entire family

  • Networks for accompanying spouses

Independent counseling is important because:

  • Expatriation stresses family dynamics

  • Expatriation places pressure on the out-posted employee and the accompanying family

  • Inevitably expatriation causes stress – no matter the level of experience

  • When the upheaval takes your breath away it’s often a taboo

  • When the supporting family is not thriving, it takes focus away from the employee's tasks and ultimately affects business

  • Ongoing family struggle ultimately lead to interrupted expatriation

Being the family’s independent counselor we ensure:

  • That the family is well prepared for the emotional challenges that can be expected

  • A strengthening of family mobility and global mind-set

  • A quick and agile integration of the accompanying family

  • Confidentiality in conversations about challenges – no matter the topic

  • Well-being behind the scenes leading to full employee commitment

  • Successful expatriation benefitting both company and expat

Counseling can be conducted  face-to-face in Copenhagen,Denmark, Nairobi, Kenya, and Lausanne, Switzerland as well as online using Skype or Zoom.

Contact us: 


Research indicates that up to 70% of interrupted expatriations are caused by marital breakdowns/family failure to thrive, McNulty, 2014

Basic packages:

Expatriate package

Content and price according to individual agreement

Preparation, integration and repatriation are all equally important for employees and their accompanying family.

The standard package for expatfamilies include:

Two-three preparatory conversations  focusing on expectations and a short introduction to typical emotional reactions connected to a relocation.

Up to twelve hours online coaching & counseling structured according to individual needs.

Up to six emergency assistance calls

Repatriation package can be added

Individual packages can be arranged according to specific company and family needs

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information

Repatriate package

Content and price according to individual agreement

Home-coming and reintegration is often underestimated, and many former expats recall the home-coming as the hardest part of the journey.


The repatriation package includes:

Two-three preparatory conversations prior to repatriation aimed at creating the best prerequisites for a smooth reintegration, including thorough preparation of children. Preparation can start as early as 3-6 months prior to repatriation or at the time repatriation is agreed. 

Up to six follow-up conversations after resettling back into the home country (individually or with the entire family - depending on the current need).

Tailormade packages can be arranged according to specific company or family needs.


Duration and price according to specific needs

Coachingprogram for trailing spouses


In this network programme we empower the trailing spouse to get the best out of their expatriate experience in Denmark. When the trailing family get the best landing support they can thrive an be the important anchor for your international assignee.

We know from studies that 70% of premature termination of expatriate contracts are due to personal issues related to the general family well-being.

The program aims at strengthening the integration and the personal mental toughness to deal with the challenges of an international mobile lifestyle.


During the program we will touch upon and coach and support:

  • The understanding and ability to deal with culturechok

  • Tools and understanding of classical challenges raising Third Culture Kids

  • How to integrate  and ideas and support in getting pass the Danish picketfence

  • Clarify personal wishes and values for possible career opportunities, further education or wishes for personal development during the stay in Denmark

  • Group empowerment, self-reflection, value clarification and self-support to curate the best expat experience in Denmark

Are you challenged by the turmoil of expat life?

Living an international life as an expat is full of wonderful experiences and unimaginable challenges!

Whether you are a first-time expat or experienced in living and working internationally, every new transition exposes new challenges. Often the everyday challenges of family life are experienced more intensely when living and working abroad, and the challenges of settling into a new culture can come as a surprise despite thorough preparation.


Most expats and expat families recognize the following emotions at one point in time:

  • Confusion

  • Despair

  • Stress

  • Ambiguity

  • Increased conflict level

  • Homesickness

  • Identity loss

  • Loneliness

  • Estrangement to local culture

  • Uncertainty about the future


Getting counseling and coaching on issues of concern is taking responsibility for the entire family and can be the road to a successful expatriation experience.

Our mission is to ease the emotional burden experienced in the wake of expat life, enabling each person's unique resources to come forward to ensure that all family members thrive.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a preliminary talk. We offer counseling in English, French, and German

Basic packages:

Family Counseling

Individual packages

Call for more information

It can be overwhelming to be an expat in Denmark. We can help your family adjust and thrive.

You can achieve good results in individual counseling when you want to change the atmosphere in your relationship or family.

However, you can also get counseling and family coaching as couples or together with the entire family.


We will find the most suitable solution for you.


So, if you are feeling challenged by the transition please call us +45 4011 0459

Talking works!

Empowerment network for trailing spouses

 6  times 3 hrs.

Max 8 participants.

If you think this could be something for you give us a call and follow us on Facebook for new dates

In our co-pilot network our aim is to provide you with a network of co-pilots from the Copenhagen expat community as well as knowledge and coaching on how to enjoy your expatlife.

In the network you will gain:

  • Greater knowledge of living and working in Denmark

  • A space to share experiences with other expats

  • Tools to deal with culture shock

  • Integration of your children

  • The special circumstances of children growing up outside their home country (Third Culture Kids)

  • Homesickness, frustration and loneliness

  • A network focused on helping you get the most out of your stay

All networks are tailormade to accomodate specific needs

Please call for more information.


Mobile: +45 4011 0459

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